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How does Movie & TV Show information (metadata) get updated? How can I refresh or sync Trakt to TMDB or TVDB?

We use TMDB for all movie & tv show information. It’s free for anyone to sign up and edit info at TMDB. Please make sure the movie, show, season and/or episode exist on TMDB with correct English information filled out. 

As a Trakt VIP, you can press the refresh link on the main movie or show page to update the info. 

Behind the scenes, usually within 24 hours, a refresh or import updates:

  • Any new or updated English seasons, episodes, titles, specials and air or release dates are added or updated.
  • Aliases, translations, genres, language, and actors are imported from TMDB.
  • The highest rated English or "No Language" poster, season posters, episode screenshots and fanart are also imported from TMDB. (1080p or larger is preferred for fanart and we’ll only use 720p if nothing better is available.)
  • Supporting images are imported from for the show  or movie (logo, banner, thumb) and seasons (poster, fanart, thumb, banner).
  • Note: Some TV shows and Movies have locked poster and fanart (indicated on the left sidebar on Trakt). This means we have specifically set those images and they won’t be auto updated with a refresh.


If you still don't see the updates after 48 hours, please submit a ticket and we'll look into the movie or show. Please be sure to include a link to the specific movie or show and as many details as possible for more prompt response.

Please also see Adding a Missing Movie and Adding a Missing TV Show

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